Is This To Be Taken Seriously?

It is not at all clear that the fundamental premise of this website is to be taken seriously.  I believe it is.  I think that the universe is capable of a purely mathematical description.  Though I cannot prove it, I think that this description could be either given in terms of a linear space, or at least some linear category.

In either case, a rotation about the axes should be possible.  Some rotations would be to dramatic for us to maintain our sense of self.  Some people would find that possibility of great interest.

Of more interest to me are rotations under which something with a long history in human mythology is possible.  It is widely held by scientists that the supernatural does not exist, that it is simply a matter of popular nonsense.  That may be incorrect.  A purely “scientific” description of our universe may turn out to be no more correct than one which incorporates supernatural elements.

The most historically significant myths concern a God or gods, a Heaven and perhaps a Hell.  These may actually exist in some rotation of the the more scientific description of reality.  Of such rotations, there would be ones involving a superior or supreme being, a God.  I am not enthusiastic about such rotations.  Essentially they involve acceptance of a supernatural dictator or oligarchy.  Rotations which interest me more involve the existence of some kind of heaven.  I have created a website about the most attractive such rotation from my personal point of view.  In accepts an afterlife but not a dictator.

Please see my Godless Heaven website for more information.

That is my personal favorite of the rotations involving mythical superior beings and/or an afterlife.  It may be of less interest to some than more worldly matters.  Some may care less about religion but be interested in supernatural things such as magic.  I would maintain that under some mathematical rotation  of reality magic is possible.  Ghosts are possible.  What does that mean?  For one thing, if means that people who believe in them should not be laughed at.  For another it means that investigations of the supernatural are doomed to failure.  Let me note, however, that most of such investigations so far are nonsense.  Perhaps someday real investigative methods will reveal something of great importance to all of us.

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Anything with Religious Overtones is Controversial

This site will contain controversial material which is bound to offend some religious people.  I strongly urge these people to post comments on anything that interests them, especially if they disapprove.

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Partial Recovery of Deleted Site

The original Different Views site was either lost by accident or deleted on purpose, I can’t remember which.  I decided that I’d like to have it back, so here is a partial restoration.

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