This website is for all different views of life and the world, scientific
and religious. It is primarily for unusual or unorthodox views, including the supernatural,
but will also have some discussions of some views of conventional religion and
conventional science.

The site will mainly serve

  • believers in various religious views
  • believers in unorthodox ideas derived from to orthodox science
  • believers in traditional and exotic paranormal ideas
  • explorers, searching for the truth, with more questions than beliefs

In general such groups of people do not agree with one another and may be
offended that they are included here. In particular, people who believe in
faster-than-light space travel may accept almost all other orthodox scientific
views and may not like having their views discussed on a site which also
includes discussions of magic, ghosts, demons, astrology and divination.
Religious people may object to any discussion of those topics but from an
entirely different point of view.

The Different Views site exists to provide sympathetic presentations of many
different views, from the most supernatural to the most conventionally
scientific, but with more emphasis on the unorthodox and paranormal views.
For example there will be much discussion of Astrology, very little of Astronomy.
There are also forums where each may be discussed from any point of view
including harshly critical ones. It will also provide a way we can work together
to combine sympathetic and critical views into a common understanding of our
beliefs, whether we agree with each other or not. As other pages become available they will be listed below, but a good
starting point and example is a discussion of astrology. Some of its adherents
believe it is empirically justified, and thus a part of science. It has
been a part of some religions, and a belief in it was not unusual even
amongst orthodox Roman Catholic Christions. Today both science and orthodox
religion denounce it, but a surprisingly large number of people still check
horoscopes. So this is a topic entirely appropriate for a website devoted to
different views.

On this site we will show how different opinions may represent the same
underlying truth from different points of view, and why clarity of vision
is more important than point of view.

This website exists to benefit people with many different views.  It should provide a way we can work together to combine sympathetic and critical views into a common understanding of our beliefs, whether we agree with each other or not.

It is not fair to say that you disbelieve in anything until you understand
exactly what it is you don’t believe in. It is unwise to adopt some belief
without understanding what its proponents claim. Please read what is written
here and participate in discussions. Help us understand what points of view
do exist, then either adopt and defend one or define you own.

Everything on this site is controversial. Controversy is good, as long as
we can be more or less civilized about it. Disagree with whatever you want,
and say why you disagree. You can attack and defend whatever views you want,
but please do not just ridicule other people. It may be only seen as true
from some points of view, but it does seem better to treat others as you
would like to be treated yourself.

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