It May Be Literally a Matter of Perspective

This website is about different worldviews, including standard and unorthodox scientific theories, as well as different views on religion and the supernatural. It has room for believers and skeptics of all kinds, but the central notion is that the different views are literally different views of some underlying reality.


When we speak of a religious perspective on reality, and contrast that with an established scientific perspective, we may be using the term perspective in a mathematical sense, referring to what reality looks like from different points of view in an abstract mathematical space.

This is not a new idea? There are scientists who believe in the history of the universe propounded by Stephen Hawking and in the most strongest, most recent theories of evolution — but remain strong believers in God. They think it possible to reconcile the religious and scientific viewpoints.

It is much less common to find scientists who believe in the supernatural. Scientists are by nature believers in the natural. Yet many believe in God — and surely if there is an all powerful being, then He (or She) could permit supernatural beings and events to occur. If there is a God, then nothing is off the table!

Or is there something. Mathematicians who believe in God nevertheless deny that he has the power to make a triangle with more or less than three corners, because that’s what it means to be a triangle. Most of mathematics can be described in terms of definitions, so perhaps it is just a language for talking about reality.

I have several different websites, but this is by far my most popular one. I can understand why. I would like to believe that the universe is a more interesting place than it seems. Reality would be much more interesting if it includes one or more gods. It would be a much more interesting place if there were supernatural forces at work. I want to know what is real and what is possible, but most of all, I want the universe to be something more than dry science shows us.

Actually, science itself is not so dry anymore. The Newtonian description of reality was pretty boring. It presented the universe as a gigantic piece of clockwork. Now scientists have to copy with the ideas of general relativity, quantum electrodynamics, string theory and other exotic things. Even pure scientists with no religious beliefs now have something to argue over.

One reason for this website is that I believe that the reality has not yet been been properly described by anyone. Personally, I can reconcile a pure, modern scientific viewpoint with belief in God and in the supernatural. But am I right about that? There is a famous argument that an omniscient, omnipotent and benevolent god cannot exist because evil does exist. I’m aware of counter-arguments, some quite convincing. Who’s right?

Does someone have to be right at all, or can every theory, no matter how exotic, be just another point of view. Personally, I think that only some different views can be reconciled as consistent. Others are just plain wrong.

But then again, I may be wrong about that. Most people visit this site because they have strong beliefs of their own or are curious about what is right and what is wrong. In other words, most people believe in truth and falsehood. I agree, but I also think that some people are arguing about things they could both believe in. I’ll cite and explain some examples on other pages and in various posts.

This site was originally created from scratch in HTML and is only now being migrated over to WordPress. The original pages contain much which cannot easily be imported into this new site, so a look at the existing files from the previous version of the site when it was based on handwritten HTML pages is highly recommended. The start page of that old site corresponded to this one, but included various images and explanations.  I will try to recover it from archived files when I find the time.  In the meanwhile, a version of it is here.

This website is for all different views of life and the world, scientific and religious. It is primarily for unusual or unorthodox views, including the supernatural as well as exotic religious ideas, but will also have some discussions of some views of conventional religion and conventional science.

The site will mainly serve

  • believers in various religious views
  • believers in unorthodox ideas derived from to orthodox science
  • believers in traditional and exotic paranormal ideas
  • explorers, searching for the truth, with more questions than beliefs

In general such groups of people do not agree with one another and may be
offended that they are included here. In particular, people who believe in
faster-than-light space travel may accept almost all other orthodox scientific
views and may not like having their views discussed on a site which also
includes discussions of magic, ghosts, demons, astrology and divination.
Religious people may object to any discussion of those topics but from an
entirely different point of view.

The Different Views site will provide sympathetic presentations of many
different views, from the most supernatural to the most conventionally
scientific, but with more emphasis on the unorthodox and paranormal views.

As other pages become available they will be listed below, but a good starting point and example is a discussion of astrology. Some of its adherents believe it is empirically justified, and thus a part of science. It has been a part of some religions, and a belief in it was not unusual even among orthodox Roman Catholic Christians. Today both science and orthodox religion denounce it, but a surprisingly large number of people still check
horoscopes. So this is a topic entirely appropriate for a website devoted to different views.

On this site we will show how different opinions may represent the same
underlying truth from different points of view, and why clarity of vision
is more important than point of view.






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